Friday, October 30, 2020



Before you send us a video, here are a few things you should know:

When you submit a video link to, you authorize us to embed it here on our website, on our media partners’ websites, and to share it publicly on social media accounts. In almost all cases, videos should be hosted on your personal YouTube account (or on services like Vimeo, Facebook, etc.), with the privacy settings set to “public” or “unlocked.” If it’s private, we can’t see it.

If you submit a complete video file, you represent to us that the entirety of the creative content in the video is your own work, (not someone else’s work), that you retain distribution rights to said content, and you further agree that can host and share the video publicly. In most cases, we will contact you before we share the video to confirm that it’s your original work.

Finally, once you submit a video link or video to, you agree to keep the video settings “public” or “unlocked” so we can share it here on our website. Submitted videos become the property of, and cannot be returned to the submitter. Please retain an original copy of your video.

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