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Mainer OK After Rabid Fox Attack in Phippsburg

Jake in Phippsburg said that he’s ok after the rabid fox attack. Here’s the video.



The attack starts at around 1:00 in the video:

From Jake in Phippsburg:

“The morning of Tues, Feb 4th, I went to start my Jeep for work, just like any other morning. There happened to be frost on my windshield, so I turned on the headlights and grabbed my ice scraper. That’s when I felt a tug on the scraper, looked down, and saw the fox coming at me so I started swinging it to defend myself. I tripped and fell and the fox then lunged for my face so I kicked it away, got up, and returned to the house for safety. “

The fox was later confirmed to have rabies, but Jake is ok!