Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Glenn from Readfield Won’t Let a Little Snow Stop His Weekend...

...well, maybe just a little bit! Don't worry there Glenn, it'll probably melt in a few hours, then we can get back to the important stuff, like mowing the lawn on May 9th!

Moose Alert! Young Bull Moose Spotted Out for a Stroll on...

Moosehead is still frozen, and the meese are out! Here's a great video of a young bull moose taking a walk on the lake this week.

Gorham Drummer Plays a Killer Set in the Maine March Snow!

Live from Water Street in Gorham... Steven Hamblin has found a great way to pass the corona quarantine time in Maine!

#TBT: Maine’s Harlem Shake Video from 2013 – Moosehead Edition!

Can you believe that the crazy Harlem Shake fad was SEVEN years ago already? Time flies! Check out this ridiculous party on Moosehead that went nuts with the viral video trend.

Here’s What It’s Really Like at the 2020 Toboggan World Championships...

This winter has been an epic one! It was the 30th annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships at the Camden Snow Bowl, and it was amazing! The turn out was crazy... and if that wasn't enough excitement, it was also the world championship!

This Winter, We Learned Naturally-Occurring Snowballs Are a Thing

It seems as though there are certain conditions where the snow is just fresh and wet enough, and the wind is strong enough, to make natural snowballs right on the ground. Wild!

Oil Delivery Driver in Augusta Saves Old Glory from a Frozen...

🇺🇸 Hats off to this Dead River Oil delivery driver for rescuing an American flag that had fallen in the snow in Augusta. It’s flying again!

Here’s What It’s Really Like to Go Ice Fishin’ in Maine!

Jeremy Grant at The Timber Cross got his ass outta bed at 4:30am to hit up the 4th annual Sabattus Ice Fishing Derby... here's what it's really like to go ice fishing in Maine!