Friday, October 30, 2020

Western Maine

More Than 1,000 Mainers Set a Moose-Related Guinness World Record, And...

More than 1,050 Mainers pulled off the biggest Moose call in history!

Another Dash Cam Video from the Jay Mill Explosion Shows the...

We've all seen the shocking video and heard the truckers on the scene... but here's another angle that shows the start of the blast.

This Winter, We Learned Naturally-Occurring Snowballs Are a Thing

It seems as though there are certain conditions where the snow is just fresh and wet enough, and the wind is strong enough, to make natural snowballs right on the ground. Wild!

Only in Maine: ATV Rolls Over in Norridgewock Behind News Crew

NewsCenter Maine reporter Samantha Sugarman was live in Norridgewock last night reporting on the recent renaming of the Cpl. Cole Memorial Bridge, when this happened on camera:

Watch the Fryeburg Fair Fireworks Finale from 1,000 Feet Up!

This stunning video from Dragonfly Aerials lets us soar above the fireworks on the main track at the Fryeburg Fair last year. Check it out!

It’s a Maine Must! Harness Racing Trackside at the Fryeburg Fair...

A big part of the fair each year is the harness racing that starts in the afternoons on the main track. We got to see a few races today, and even get right up close for one of the starts and finishes.

The 2017 Wife Carrying Championship Crowns a Winner at Sunday River!

Yup... "wife-carrying" is actually a thing, and a couple from Virginia just won the championship here in Maine!

This New Ride at the Fryeburg Fair Looks Wicked Scary

A new ride has been added to the Midway lineup this year... will you ride it?