Sunday, September 27, 2020


These Two ‘Real Mainers’ Made a ‘Tourism Video’ at Portland Head...

Troy and Mark heard that the Visit Maine tourism budget got slashed this year because of the covid, so they took matters into their own hands.

Comedian Josh Pray: 5 Reasons Why We Should Make Maine Our...

He's from away, but he pretty much nailed the 207 in this hilarious video! From Moxie to the woods... it's all in here.

This Family Drove Across the US to Try Lobster in Maine

Maine was the 26th state out of 50 for the Jurgys... and their reaction to a Maine lobstah dinnah was pretty priceless!

Top 10 (Real) Reasons Not to Move to Maine, According to...

Thinking about moving to Vacationland? Know someone who might? Show them this!

Moron on YouTube Totally Butchers Maine Names in ‘Top 5’ Video...

This is really hard to watch... but stick with it to hear this narrator absolutely mangle place names like Acadia, Old Orchard Beach, Point Sebago, and even Auburn.

Mike Rowe from ‘Dirty Jobs’ Meets the Famous Bangor Duck of...

One of our favorite people visited Bangor and had the obligatory duck meeting!

Terrifying Up-Close Encounter With a Giant White Shark on Cape Cod

...they're gonna need a bigger boat!

Watch a Transformer Blow Up & Knock Out Power in OOB

Caught on camera: This transformer blew up on Sunday night in OOB, knocking out power to most of the downtown area.