Tuesday, October 27, 2020


These Two ‘Real Mainers’ Made a ‘Tourism Video’ at Portland Head...

Troy and Mark heard that the Visit Maine tourism budget got slashed this year because of the covid, so they took matters into their own hands.

Watch: Full Bobcat Family Spotted On a Stroll in Blue Hill

WABI has a terrific video of a whole family of bobcats out for a summer stroll in Blue Hill! Check this out!

Black Bear Spotted Out for a Stroll in Brewer

Joy Barrett from Brewer posted this video earlier in the week... looks like someone smells something good in Brewer!

Moose Caught on Video Doing the High Dive Off a Cliff

This was shot up in Canada, but Maine meese could be this crazy too... you never know!

Watch 45 Ducklings Cross 111 in Biddeford!

Outta the way... ducks coming through!

Lookout! This Moose is on the Loose & Running Through Lewiston!

The heat's making everyone crazy!

Sterman’s Log: Wedding Edition!

Teagan is off at a wedding... then right back on the friggin' boat!

Look at the Size of This Shark Spotted in York!

Look at this monster spotted off the Maine coast!