Friday, October 30, 2020


Watch: Full Bobcat Family Spotted On a Stroll in Blue Hill

WABI has a terrific video of a whole family of bobcats out for a summer stroll in Blue Hill! Check this out!

Black Bear Spotted Out for a Stroll in Brewer

Joy Barrett from Brewer posted this video earlier in the week... looks like someone smells something good in Brewer!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Alert! Big Hungry Maine Black Bear Tries to Eat...

This is a great reminder not to feed our fuzzy friends! Thanks to Dwayne Graham in Bass Harbor for this terrific video.

Here’s What It’s Really Like at the 2020 Toboggan World Championships...

This winter has been an epic one! It was the 30th annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships at the Camden Snow Bowl, and it was amazing! The turn out was crazy... and if that wasn't enough excitement, it was also the world championship!

Mainer Wicked Pumped to Discover Shipwreck

Jeremy Grant goes nuts when he discovers a well-known Maine shipwreck!

We’re Not Quite Sure What’s Going On Here

Larry the Lobster for the assist!

Meanwhile in Lincolnville: This Bird is Casually Shopping at Viking Lumber

Wonder what he thought of the customer service!

On-Board Cam: U.S. Toboggan Championships in Camden!

Did you know that the State of Maine hosts the US Toboggan championships? This is what it looks like when they fly down the track!