Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Ryan Gavin

Ryan Gavin is the creator of Maine Memes & Wicked Funny TV. He's a life-long Mainah, and he's lived all over the state (yes... even the County!) Ryan can be heard on radio stations across the US every day, and he’s been a featured personality on some of New England’s biggest stations, including WJBQ Q97.9, 103.7 The Peak, 97.5 WOKQ, Q96.1, and WHSN. Want to get in touch? Contact Ryan here.

Oil Delivery Driver in Augusta Saves Old Glory from a Frozen...

🇺🇸 Hats off to this Dead River Oil delivery driver for rescuing an American flag that had fallen in the snow in Augusta. It’s flying again!

Here’s What It’s Really Like to Go Ice Fishin’ in Maine!

Jeremy Grant at The Timber Cross got his ass outta bed at 4:30am to hit up the 4th annual Sabattus Ice Fishing Derby... here's what it's really like to go ice fishing in Maine!

Our View: Vote NO on the CMP Corridor Project in 2020

Meet the real people and see the beautiful Maine places that would be changed forever if the CMP corridor is constructed.

Mainer OK After Rabid Fox Attack in Phippsburg

Jake in Phippsburg said that he's ok after the rabid fox attack. Here's the video.

Bob Marley’s Mother Didn’t Like the Super Bowl Halftime Show!

"Well... this is a little bit risqué to say the least! Did you see that skirt lift up like a mud flap on an 18-wheeler?!"

This Weekend: Slide Down The Massive Man-Made Sledding Hill at Winterfest...

It's all set up and ready to go! The City of Biddeford is hosting Winterfest downtown this weekend, and the festivities include this massive man-made sledding hill!

Caught on Camera: Customer at Portland Pawn Shop Offers Sexual Favors...

It's just another day at Guitar Grave in Portland, and Mike Fink got a lovely visit from a customer who was looking to trade some adult fun time for a phone card. Mike declined the offer.

Wintah Life Hack: Lawn Mower + TV Box = DIY Plow!

Here’s some good ol’ wintah ingenuity for ya! This guy strapped a recycled 60” TV box to try the front of his lawn mower... and voila! It’s a plow!