Sunday, September 20, 2020

#WickedFunny Videos From Across Maine!

Wicked Maine Ice Fishin’: Watch a 27lb Muskie Come Up Through...

Tylor Kellys Camps in Allagash knows how to pull the big ones! Here's what it looks like when a bigass fish gets yanked up through the ice.

The Second Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘It’ Scared Us More Than...

Set right here in Maine, this new adaptation of Stephen King's creepy clown ?classic will scare the crap out of you!

Maine Lobstahmen Drink Beer, Wave Ol’ Glory & Blast Off Fireworks...

If this isn't the most patriotic Maine thing evah, we don't know what is!

Maine Comedian Ray Harrington Performs on ‘The Nite Show’

Ray Harrington standup live on "The Nite Show with Danny Cashman!"

It’s $#*% Pats Fans Say… Super Bowl Edition!

"Know what the original fake news was? …Deflategate!”

Nobody Could Answer This Jeopardy Question About Maine

It's so easy, any real Mainah would'a nailed it!

The Turf War Heats Up Between ‘Maine Ghost Hunters’ and the...

These two dueling bands of ghost hunters go at it in a parking lot... Mainah style!

This Maine Coon Cat is Smashing Records!

At over 4 feet long, this Maine Coon Cat is officially the biggest kitty in New York City!

More #WickedFunny Maine Videos

Another Dash Cam Video from the Jay Mill Explosion Shows the...

We've all seen the shocking video and heard the truckers on the scene... but here's another angle that shows the start of the blast.

Maine Truck Driver’s NSFW Reaction to the Paper Mill Explosion is...

Unbelievably, nobody was severely injured or killed in the explosion, and Rick Pratt's reaction from the cab of his truck is one for the ages.

Watch ‘The Hermit’ Documentary on the Legendary Mainer Who Spent 27...

Just when the fascination of Tiger King is wearing off... here's our next quarantine distraction! Watch "The Hermit - The True Legend of the North Pond Hermit" here for free.

Temp Tales ‘Donny the Maine Dad’ Has the Perfect Response to...

Donny is back! Temp Tales released this hilarious video of good ol' Donny trying to deal with all the stresses of the Coronavirus here in Maine, like friggin' nummahs loadin' up on too much toilet papah, social distancing, and more. It's wicked funny!

Maine Trumpeter (Distantly) Plays for Ellsworth Woman on Her 104th Birthday

Dorothy Minott of Ellsworth turned 104 in March, and to protect her from coronavirus, a trumpet player entertained her from afar as a birthday treat.

Moose Alert! Young Bull Moose Spotted Out for a Stroll on...

Moosehead is still frozen, and the meese are out! Here's a great video of a young bull moose taking a walk on the lake this week.