Friday, October 30, 2020

#WickedFunny Videos From Across Maine!

Watch UNE’s ‘All About That Bass’ Parody

(It's reallllly bad)

This New Ride at the Fryeburg Fair Looks Wicked Scary

A new ride has been added to the Midway lineup this year... will you ride it?

Police Chase Loose Cow in Auburn, Maine

Watch out! The coppers are after this heffer in Auburn!

Maine on the Street: Portland

Noah asks people in Portland absolutely ridiculous questions that nobody wants to answer!

The Official Mainah-Approved Method for Cracking Open Lobstahs!

Evah wondah how to crack open a lobstah the "right" Mainah-approved way? Here ya go!

GoPro View of the Legendary FireBall Roller Coaster at the Bangor...

...this was one of the scariest rides in Maine!

This Winter, We Learned Naturally-Occurring Snowballs Are a Thing

It seems as though there are certain conditions where the snow is just fresh and wet enough, and the wind is strong enough, to make natural snowballs right on the ground. Wild!

The New Trailer for ‘It’ Just Scared The Crap Out of...

They're remaking "It" based on the iconic Stephen King novel, and this one will give you nightmares for YEARS.

More #WickedFunny Maine Videos

Comedian Josh Pray: 5 Reasons Why We Should Make Maine Our...

He's from away, but he pretty much nailed the 207 in this hilarious video! From Moxie to the woods... it's all in here.

South Portland Police Officer Belts Out Original Tune ‘Disinfectant Blues’ From...

Officer Al Giusto in South Portland writes, produces and sings the "Disinfectant Blues" from his cruiser!

Moose Turd Mary Winchenbach is Back! Watch the Trailer for ‘Tirdy...

Meet the viral success that turns tirds into cash! Mary from Somerville, Maine polishes literal moose turds into money, right here in the great state of Maine! Check out "Tirdy Works," coming to truTV on May 5!

‘We Have to Laugh, or Else We’d Cry!’ Maine Shopper Hits...

We just had to share this post from Kaiti Littlefield today! She braved her local Hannaford on Friday with a full T-Rex suit, and it really cheered a few people up.

Another Dash Cam Video from the Jay Mill Explosion Shows the...

We've all seen the shocking video and heard the truckers on the scene... but here's another angle that shows the start of the blast.

Maine Truck Driver’s NSFW Reaction to the Paper Mill Explosion is...

Unbelievably, nobody was severely injured or killed in the explosion, and Rick Pratt's reaction from the cab of his truck is one for the ages.