Thursday, December 13, 2018


The Funniest Videos in Maine!

Bob Marley Has A Few Questions About Fall

Uncle Bobby wants to know who the f*&# chose these things!

We’re Not Quite Sure What’s Going On Here

Larry the Lobster for the assist!

Uncle Bobby’s Video About Dead Squirrels is Wicked Funny

Bob Marley has had it with all these dead squirrels!

Only in Maine: ATV Rolls Over in Norridgewock Behind News Crew

NewsCenter Maine reporter Samantha Sugarman was live in Norridgewock last night reporting on the recent renaming of the Cpl. Cole Memorial Bridge, when this happened on camera:

SNL Opens with Susan Collins Celebrating Kavanaugh Vote

SNL went all-in on Susan Collins in this week's cold open.

This Week in Maine: Selling Moose $#*% & Cracking Down on...

From throwing cold water on the high lobster idea, to selling moose shit, to the Fryeburg Fair, here's what happened this week in Maine!

Maine's Most Shared Videos!

Moron on YouTube Totally Butchers Maine Names in ‘Top 5’ Video...

This is really hard to watch... but stick with it to hear this narrator absolutely mangle place names like Acadia, Old Orchard Beach, Point Sebago, and even Auburn.

Maine Woman Trying To Sell ‘Art’ Made From Moose $#*%

If you haven't actually seen the video... this one's worth your time!

This Week in Maine: Lobsters on Weed, The Great Squirrel Purge...

What a friggin' crazy week in Maine! Here are the biggest things that went down this week in Vacationland.

This Week in Maine: Dancing Cops, Pats Hype & A Maine...

Fair season is back! Here's what went down this week in Vacationland.