The Funniest Videos in Maine!

Only in Maine: Dude Mowing the Lawn While It’s Snowing Caught...

Look at this dubbah... mowin' while it's snowin'!

This Week in Maine: Missing Teeth, Christmas Cards for Jacob, and...

Here's a look at what went down in Vacationland this week!

This Week in Maine: Powah Outages, Cops With The Munchies &...

Here's what went down in Vacationland during the week of the "Great Wind Storm of 2017."

Police Chase Loose Cow in Auburn, Maine

Watch out! The coppers are after this heffer in Auburn!

This Week in Maine: Partying Moms, Acadia Price Hikes, Spotted Deer...

Here's a quick look at what went down this week in Maine!

Maine's Most Shared Videos!

Moron From New Brunswick Pets a Hungry Moose

Stand back... this guy looks hungry!

Spahkin’ Wiah in Portland Sets Cah On Fiah!

This downed electrical line set a car on fire in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood in Portland.

The 2017 Wife Carrying Championship Crowns a Winner at Sunday River!

Yup... "wife-carrying" is actually a thing, and a couple from Virginia just won the championship here in Maine!

This Kid Just Nailed a Video Tutorial on the ‘Real Maine...

Evah wondah how to teach your flatlandah friends and relatives how to speak Mainah? Heah ya go!