Thursday, November 21, 2019


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Maine Stereotypes: Do People Actually Ride Moose Up Here?

TheNightOwl on YouTube breaks down some stereotypes about people from Maine!

Mainers Sound Off: Stupid Things Flatlanders Say & Dumb Tourist Questions

Mainers call in to I-95 in Bangor to tell funny stories about stupid things tourists have said & asked over the years.

Tourist Goes Crazy When He Sees A Moose Running Down the...

This guy loses it when he sees a moose running down 95!

Watch Irish People Try Maine Lobster For the First Time!

Top o' the morning to ya! What the $&^# is this?

#TBT: See What York’s Wild Kingdom Was Like in the ’60s

Travel back in time to see what one of Maine's most famous attractions was like in the 1960s.

People ‘From Away’ Try Pronouncing Maine Names

Watch these people from all over the country try to pronounce the names of Maine towns and places!

Watch A Drunk Tourist Idiot Ride a Moose

This moron actually tried to ride a moose into a lake. Yes, this is illegal. And realllllly stupid.

People ‘From Away’ Try Foods from Maine!

People from all over the US try Maine foods like whoopie pies, moxie, and lobstah!