Monday, June 1, 2020


Maine Chipmunk Caught Stealing!

Caught red handed!

This Drunk Tourist Idiot Actually Tried to Ride a Moose

This moron actually tried to ride a moose into a lake. Yes, this is illegal. And realllllly stupid.

Yummy Red Weiners in Portland

The HotDogChannel goes Hot Doggin' in Maine! Their first stop was a little hot dog cart in Portland called WIENERS. Owner Jess Cady was serving...

Wessssie the Snake Sssspeaks!

Everyone'sssss favorite snake slithered into an interview with Sssshannon Mossss!

Temp Tales: Fantasy Island

Bud's House Painting is off on another job!

Oh HAIL No! Huge Hail Reported in the County

Stunning video footage from Greg Siekman up in the County from today's hail storm!

Wicked Funny “I Love Lobstah Rolls” Music Video!

We love Rock 'n Roll & Lobstah Rolls!