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Bangor Police Officer Wipes Out on Slippery Ice!

The camaraderie between police officers cannot be understated. Being able to depend on your partner is one of the things that makes our bond strong. If you stumble, they are there. If you fall, well…they are there, but only until they find out that you are not badly injured. At that point, partners tend to run back to the cruiser to make a notation in the recording system so that they can find the fall later. You know, to show all of the other people that could not be there to watch you in all your glory.It was slippery on Saturday night. Officer Mike "the pinata" Pina arrived at his call only to find Officer Jordan Bragan waiting for him. Two officers, just doing their job.Bragan did seem concerned. But only until Officer Pina could get back up again. Be cautious on the ice out there folks. We are not laughing at Pina, only with him (and pointing) because we all will have this happen this winter.Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another.I only added the music and sound effects to make this more pleasant to watch. Over and over and over.We will be here.TC

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Monday, January 9, 2017


Watch the Bangor Police Department’s funny warning: Watch out for ice!

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