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Advertise with Wicked Funny TV

Reach Mainers by the Thousands!

Every month, Maine Memes and WickedFunnyTV reach more than 6 million unique Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Web users, who all have one thing in common: Maine!

If you’re looking to expand awareness of your business, group, organization, or event, we can help reach your target audience with digital campaigns and metric reports to fit any goal and budget.

There’s no such thing as a typical advertising campaign, and every project is evaluated on an individual basis. Please contact us to get in touch, and we can move forward with specific solutions, data, and pricing.

Types of advertising solutions available include: Individual thematic posts on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube; Video sponsorships; Sponsored ongoing series posts on social media platforms; Website banners; Recurring sponsorships, etc.

Call or email us now for more info:

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